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Monteverde is a quaint small town consisting of Quaker descendants, Costa Rican families with long history, a good group of ex pats and professionals, and large tourist presence.  Having a community this colorful, you will find a great selection of well organized tours - soulful or high adrenaline, also plenty of small events to accommodate and enrich a more relaxing, 'take it easy' day.


canopy 3
s street bugs
s walk
s friends
s volcan view
Cloud Forest Guided Tour
Horseback Riding 
Birdwatching Tour
Canyoning -Waterfall Rappel
Organic Farm Tour
Coffee Sugar Mill
Canopy Zip Line
Canopy Bridge Walk

There are several options nearby for day hikes - some free, some require an entrance fee.  Besides the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, there is a ranger station in short travel distance.  Either with a long day trip or 2~3 days overnight trip, this transitional forest is out of reach for the common tourist crowds of Monteverde.  A little piece of paradise within the paradise.  

Ficus Tree Climbing
Night Walk - nocturnal wildlife
Chocolate Demo
Butterfly Garden
Frog Pond
Bat Jungle

* Almost all of the organized tours listed above have set hours, and almost every company operates year round.  Unless you have a big group, we strongly recommend making reservation after your arrival in person - to avoid any unforeseen changes.



La Fortuna, Arenal is the closest popular attraction near Monteverde - HOWEVER, the 2.5 hours one way drive - THE 2.5 HOURS BUMPY ONE WAY DRIVE is not what we recommend for a day trip within a short stay in Monteverde.  It is much better to plan Arenal as one of your layover spot on the way back to San Jose or onward to the Caribbean side.  If you wish for someone to bare the burden of searching and planning and reserving your dream vacation in Costa Rica, check out Renzo's travel agency web site, (not limited to birders only) or contact Renzo directly for a well planned out itinerary tailored for you!

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