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It has never occurred to us that we would first own a hotel and then a tour/birding  agency, and get settled in Central America.  Yet here we are, one turn after another,  fate brought Renzo from Italy to Costa Rica first, then Grace from the States.  Eventually, we landed ourselves at this little oasis in Monteverde where we thought would be the best place to raise a family and start our business.  After several years in the hotel industry, Renzo's passion for birding grew deeper and decided to open a birdwatching agency to help our guests choose the best places in Central America.   While connecting with people and nature, we are delighted to share our discovery and passion of this amazing country.

~ Grace & Renzo,  2005 ~ 2021

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“Very friendly!!  Like being at home.  Not too many insects!!  Warm water!!!  Hurray!!"

~Margaret  CA, USA 2007

“This was such an awesome experience.  Thanks for taking great care of us.  The forest here is incredible and the views are spectacular.  Hope to visit again soon.  We are off to Samara!”

~Sarah + Jim  CO, USA 2009

“Many thanks for the great hospitality and the warm feeling at your hotel!  We were very glad to visit at your hotel in our honeymoon! 

Best of Regards”

~ Ami   Isreal 2015

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